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Week of 7/25 - Hillman Move

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Move this week!

Thanks to those who helped with the Keyes move!

Now, on to our current ministry opportunity. Jennifer Holmberg is a widow with two children in our community who is losing her home due to her circumstance. Please let me know if you can come out and assist in moving her, first out of the house on Thursday and then into the new place on Friday - details above. Either reply to this email or comment on this blog posting, please. (By the way, 555 Timberlands Drive is pretty close to the Damings' - off Hart Road which is off Flat Rock Church road.)

Again, I know it can be inconvenient but you are very much needed and the more hands we get, the easier it is to be done quickly (not to mention the picture we give to her of the body working together if a bunch of guys show up!).

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  1. were gonna try to be there on Sat. Uncle! Im afraid we can't make it on thursday tho.