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Week of 7/25 - Hillman Move

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dohm Move!

Our lovely Dohms are moving to take Dohminion from a new Dohmicile.

Starting at the Rolesville house, we'll be meeting at 6 for a bit of food (though, I must say, people generally should not be fed until AFTER work...). Then, we'll bring as much stuff as possible to the new house at 101 Patterson Drive, Youngsville.

We need TRUCKS and/or VANS and a trailer or so to make it happen - also, anyone who has a dolly or dollies prior to the big night would be greatly appreciated.

Please RSVP to Dana at!

(Or, with a comment on this blog post.)


  1. I Think NIc and J will be there uncle! and I'll try!

  2. Um, I'll try to be there, Dad! :)

  3. Oh, and Uncle, We'll bring our Van. She's old but she still works! :)